Union County Conservatorship Lawyer

Unfortunately when a loved one reaches a point in his or her life where he or she cannot effectively care for their own personal, medical and financial matters, it may be time to consider a legal guardianship or conservatorship. Understanding that such a decision is so important and difficult, we provide the compassion, sensitivity, dedication and legal background to attain the best results possible. We work closely with our clients in order to better understand their goals and concerns. We make sure they are comfortable with the process and they are informed each step of the way. In order to help understand the needs of our clients, we offer a free consultation.

In New Jersey, a Conservatorship is generally more limited than a legal guardianship. In establishing a Conservatorship, a person appoints an individual to manager his or her finances. The Court will supervise this relationship. Conservatorships are used for those who are mentally competent but because of declining mental or physical health, may be susceptible to financial abuse. Like a legal Guardianship, a conservatorship is a court-ordered relationship between a caregiver and a person who's unable to make sound decisions due to old age or mental or physical disability.