Highly Recommended
I would highly recommend Ben Ginter if considering bankruptcy. After meeting with several different attorneys, I decided to go with Ben, who made the whole process smoother. Ben was very knowledgeable, supportive & always prompt getting back to me if I had questions or concerns.
When dealing with financial difficulties, Ben can assist you regarding your legal options & if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Made The Right Choice
I met Mr. Benjamin Ginter at a difficult time in my life. Filing for bankruptcy was one of the hardest things I had to do and when I went to my first meeting with Mr. Ginter there was no judgment on his part and I felt very at easy with him. He went through everything with me all my opinions and explained everything so I can understand it better. If I had any questions after hours he got back to me right away. I made the right choice with Mr. Ginter and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs help in any difficult situation.

Mr. Perez

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Benjamin Ginter. My husband and I were selling our home without a realtor. When I made my first call to Mr. Ginter, he took the time to answer all of my questions and patiently explained the process for closing and what I should expect. Mr. Ginter walked us through the entire process and we had a very smooth closing. I would absolutely use Mr. Ginter again and recommend him to anyone looking for an extremely competent and professional

We were recommended to Ben from a friend and from our first meeting with him we felt comfortable. We were very upset and feeling very discouraged about bankruptcy but when we spoke to him, he was sympathetic to our needs and walked us through each step. From e-mails and phone calls being answered quickly to helping us with questions, he took the stress off and made the process flawless. We would highly recommend him to anyone asking about bankruptcy.

Thank you Ben for making our bankruptcy go smoothly.
Your Grateful Clients

Benjamin Ginter was like a breath of fresh air after having previously hired a very arrogant and unpleasant attorney who after 4 months of holding my information told me I did not qualify for any type of bankruptcy and that he could not help me. This attorney also kept over $600 of the retainer money I had given him and caused during that prolonged 4 month period for 2 of my creditors to file law suit against me. He had instructed me not to answer any of the creditors calls or speak to them in order to not alert them of my intention to file for bankruptcy. Obviously when you totally ignore them they will take legal action against you.

When I went to see Mr. Ginter he told me right away that I would definitely qualify filing for at least one type of bankruptcy and that he would try for full bankruptcy Chapter 7 but if that was not approved by the court I could definitely file Chapter 13 and just have to pay back a portion of the moneys I owed. Mr. Ginter not only very quickly reviewed, prepared and submitted my case to the court but was successful at filing Chapter 7 for me something the other attorney claimed was impossible .

When faced with any legal matter especially something as stressful as having to file bankruptcy it is very import to have an attorney that is knowledgeable, polite, personable, sympathetic and easy to understand. Ben Ginter is all of that and more. He is the kind of attorney you want to have.

Thank you Ben for your professionalism, knowledge and pleasantness. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.
Your Grateful Client

Posted by Arlene, a Chapter 13 client
Mr. Ginter was very personable and sympathetic to our situation. He explained the process and was always available when we needed information or reassurance. My husband and I trust Mr. Ginter . We would not hesitate to hire him again, if ever needed in the future. We highly recommend his professional services and have referred a friend and co-worker to him.

Great Attorney
Posted by Veronica
Without hesitation, I would recommend Ben as your representation. From early on, he made my feel better about my bankruptcy situation and allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't express how responsible he is; I gave him what he needed and he basically did all the rest; very responsive to both phone and email - and my bankruptcy went flawlessly, just like he assured me. Thanks Ben!

Posted by a Chapter 7 client
I hired Atty. Ginter to handle my bankruptcy. My original attorney did not keep good notes and I dropped him before I filed. Atty. Ginter was professional, knowledgeable and quick. I recommend him with pleasure.

Excellent Attorney
Posted by a Bankruptcy client
Benjamin Ginter is an excellent attorney, communicate well and really expresses genuine concern for his client. He promptly returned phone calls, faxes, emails, and was there for me and my family during a very difficult time of my life, during a recent financial downfall ultimately necessitating to a bankruptcy filing. I highly recommend him to others seeking an attorney.

Thank you!
Posted by Melissa, a Chapter 7 client
Thank you Mr. Ginter for helping me get my life back. Every day creditors would call and harass me. You did an incredible job walking me through the bankruptcy process. My case went smoothly. I would definitely recommend you. You were so nice too :)

Satisfied client!
Posted by Beatrice, a Chapter 7 client
Mr. Ginter is quite unique. I have never had an attorney who was so responsive and worked so closely with me to make sure my case went as smoothly as possible. I will never forget emailing him at night on a Saturday regarding a question I forgot to ask. He responded that night. I was so relieved as I did not want to wait until Monday to receive an answer. He was so sweet and patient with me. He always had time to speak to me and make sure I was informed. I have recommended him to others who have used him and they all felt the same way. He really has a likeable and engaging personality.

Affordable and Effective!
Posted by Tony, a Bankruptcy client
Attorney Ginter made the mysterious and difficult process of filing bankruptcy very easy to accept. He spent several hours answering my questions, responding to every email, and generally making sure I was aware of what was happening and my rights. He was so pleasant, honorable, and effective that I highly recommend him.

Very happy and satisfied client.
Posted by a Chapter 7 client
Unfortunately I had to file for bankruptcy. I called Mr. Ginter and he set up an appointment for me that day. At our meeting, he explained how bankruptcy worked and answered all of my questions. He did not rush me out the door. He made sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I had a lot of questions too because I was unsure of the process and I was scared. Throughout the process he kept me informed about my case and always responded when I called or emailed. He did an excellent job of calming my fears and making me feel that my life wasn't over. I had never seen an attorney work with me throughout the entire process and show such compassion. He was definitely the nicest attorney i have ever met. My last attorney had me deal with her secretary or paralegal. Thank you Mr. Ginter for everything. You did an amazing job and I would recommend you without any reservation.

Incredible Job!
Ben made this experience very easy; I was so impressed with the way he treated me during the free consultation that I didn't bother going anywhere else. The entire process was seamless from the first day until the last.