Name Change

There are many reasons why you may want to change your name. Perhaps you may have become known by a name that is not on your birth certificate, or you may decide that you no longer want to be known by a name that appears on your official legal documents.

Regardless of the reason, the procedure in New Jersey can be demanding because if the requirements are not followed exactly every step of the way, the Court will deny the application. Normally a Complaint for name change must be filed in the Superior Court in the County in which the person resides. An Order Fixing a Hearing Date is filed and the Judge signs it and assigns a date when the matter will be heard. The Petition and the Order is then served upon various governmental agencies. They are given an opportunity to file an objection to the proposed name change. Proof of this service must be filed with the Court. A hearing is then held. If the Judge is satisfied that the person has a legitimate reason to change his or her name and is not seeking to do so for any improper purpose then the Judge will normally grant the name change and sign an Order. This Order is then published in the local paper and filed with the Secretary of State of New Jersey.

As you can see, changing your name is not as easy as you may think. It is important to hire someone who is familiar with the procedures. My firm charges a fixed fee and we make sure you are fully informed each step of the way. Payment plans are always available and we always provide professional, courteous service.